2021-12-23 00:00:00NHL 22 Ovechkins Dominant Team of the Week Player Card

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With the recent round of ‘Team of the Week’ Player Cards being introduced into NHL 22, it was no surprise that world-renowned Left Winger, Alexander Ovechkin, received yet another player card boost due to his consistent plays on the ring!


Even at 36-years old, Alexander Ovechkin – Alex Ovechkin for short – is still killing it at the top level of the NHL!


His powerful shots are almost unstoppable and accurate, and his puck control is phenomenal and almost magical.


As NHL 22 introduces the latest ‘Team of the Week’ (TOTW) roster, Ovechkin was unsurprisingly selected for the second time this season, receiving respectable stat increases as well.


Here are just a few of Ovechkin’s best stats from his newest TOTW Player Card:


(LW) Alexander Ovechkin’s ‘Team of the Week’ Player Card: OVR 91


· Slap Shot Power (Shooting): 97

· Offensive Awareness (Hands): 97

· Wrist Shot Power (Shooting): 96

· Balance (Skating): 96

· Hand-Eye (Hands): 96


When it comes to Ovechkin’s X-Factor ability, here is what he has in store for you:


· Off The Rush (4 Ability Points)

o Advanced accuracy when taking slap shots while skating.


Ovechkin is totally an incredible beast when deployed at his favourite left wing role if you recruit him into your Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) squad today!


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