2022-01-07 00:00:00NHL 22 Connor McDavids Team of the Year Gem

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In NHL 22, with so many new player cards now introduced within the game, the newest ‘Team of the Year’ (TOTY) line-up is definitely amongst the most sought-after this year, with world-class Centre, Connor McDavid, leading the pack today!




There are tons of talented ice hockey players whom continue to dominate headlines after their consistent performances on the ice ring in NHL.


Still, if there is any form of recognition that these players look forward to in the competition, it would definitely be the honour of being inducted amongst the tournament’s ‘Team of the Year’ (TOTY)!


That is the case for Edmonton Oilers’ Centre, Connor McDavid, who continues to prove his elite worth to the world by being chosen as the best Centre throughout 2021!


With that, McDavid will now receive his own TOTY Player Card which boasts unbelievable stats like:


(C) Connor McDavid’s ‘Team of the Year’ Player Card: OVR 96


· Deking (Hands): 99

· Offensive Awareness (Hands): 99

· Agility (Skating): 99

· Slap Shot Accuracy (Shooting): 99

· Wrist Shot Accuracy (Shooting): 99


Besides that, McDavid also offers intense X-Factors such as these too:


· Unstoppable Force (8 Ability Points)

o Robust strength while holding onto the puck with the ability to control the puck while off balance.


· Ankle Breaker (4 Ability Points)

o Able to deke opponents at high speed.


· Elite Edges (4 Ability Points)

o Able to make quick-turns around tight angles at high speed.


· Third Eye (3 Ability Points)

o Advanced passing assistance with the ability to auto-saucer passes out from your view.


· Tape to Tape (3 Ability Points)

o Increased power and accuracy of all passes.


· Wheels (5 Ability Points)

o Improved agility, speed and acceleration while skating with the puck.


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