2022-04-06 14:42:00NHL 22 - Miko Rantanen's Latest 'Nations of Hockey' Update

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The ‘Nations of Hockey’ promo seems to introduce some nice player cards into the mix for Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT), and amongst the most glorious ones so far is of talented 25-year old forward, Mikko Rantanen!




Mikko Rantanen continues to be amongst the most valuable young talents in NHL, and this is evidently truer when he is set to receive another amazing player card update for the current ‘Nations of Hockey’ in-game promo!


Amongst his best player cards in the game so far, Rantanen’s latest ‘Nations of Hockey’ Player Card boasts some nice changes this time around:


(RW) Mikko Rantanen’s ‘Nations of Hockey’ Player Card: OVR 95


· Hands: 98

· Shooting: 97

· Skating: 93

· Defence: 89

· Checking: 89


Rantanen’s newest Attributes are now known to be quite unbeatable, with the best of them being:


· Offensive Awareness (Hands): 99

· Puck Control (Hands): 99

· Hand-Eye (Hands): 98

· Deking (Hands): 98

· Passing (Hands): 99


Rantanen’s latest player card also boasts two (2) impressive X-Factors too, each being:


· Third Eye (6 Ability Points)

o Significant increase to pass assist with the ability to auto-saucer pass outside of the player’s POV


· Make It Snappy (5 Ability Points)

o Increased accuracy when taking snap shots while skating


If you’re up for a new winger on the team, keep an eye out for Mikko Rantanen’s new player card on the market today!


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