2022-05-23 17:15:00NHL 22 Title Update 1.61 Arrives Today

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NHL 22 Update 1.61 is about to arrive, and it's been revealed in the abbreviated patch notes that it's focused on the franchise. The update was announced by NHL 22 Community Manager Clappy via Twitter, and along with the announcement, he also revealed that it will be released on April 13, 2022 at 1:00 pm ET.


consequently, we still have no idea about the download size or further details yet, but it's possible that we already have NHL 22 Patch Notes. dedicated to the only problem that Clappy pointed out in his tweet. NHL 22 doesn't always post a detailed set of patches for every update, and NHL 22 Update 1.61 may be all about the one issue Clappy pointed out in his tweet.


Since the game launched in October 2021, one of the most frustrating bugs that players have experienced has been a series of crashes related to the Franchise Mode. Reports of this issue have varied, but it appears that NHL 22 has had several persistent points of failure in Franchise Mode.


Some of it had to do with the length of the franchise itself, with crashes occurring in the off-season after a certain number of years, but hopefully those days are over. In an announcement tweet, Clappy said that "this patch fixes various crashes that have been happening in Franchise Mode."


Since no other issues are mentioned, this may be the only issue they have addressed in the patch notes for NHL 22 Update 1.61. This is breaking news that is constantly updated with new information as it becomes available.






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