2022-07-04 14:05:00NHL 22: New Master Cards

If you want NHL HUT coins safe and fast, make sure you visit Hockeyut! One avenue where players can have fun in HUT is by opening several Stanley Cup Playoff Packs, which also include Master Items too. Let’s take a look the new cards. The new Master Items are revealed and the card that are outstanding is Zdeno Chara with a 98 OVR rating. Chara plays in LD/DFD/LH and is now in the Stanley Cup playoff packages.



Please be aware that the packs are relatively expensive, meaning you have to pay for the packs for 85K coins or 1700 points to get one pack. These packs are limited to 5 purchases, and they are only available for one week in HUT and will expire on June 22. You can check out more information below:


Untradeable MSP Booster Pack:


It would cost you 85K Coins or 1,700 Points to get one 86 OVR Master Item in this pack.


Untradeable Stanley Cup Starter Pack:


It would cost you 75K Coins or 1,500 Points.



NHL 23 Cover Athlete


Since NHL 22 HUT and NHL 22 have been in a quiet period, odds for a potential NHL 23 cover athlete have now been revealed. An interesting thing many sportsbooks are into is creating odds for who will be the cover star in next games. With NHL 23 likely to be as popular as NHL 22 HUT, it’s not surprising that cover athlete odds were held.


The leader is Nathan McKinnon, which is not surprising. However, Kirill Kaprizov among the main names is astonishing. Of course, he had a great year, but is he worthy of the cover? One thing we know for sure - he definitely deserves to be on your NHL 22 HUT team.

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