2021-08-20 00:00:00How to access to NHL 22 closed technical test

Everyone NHL gamer is looking for its announced closed technical test besides the first appearance of Seattle Kraken, EA sports is recruiting gamers to join its closed technical test for NHL 22, the only responsibility gamers shoulder is to play the new installment of the series and to help EA improve based on your feedback and gaming experience.

You may be curious about how to join this closed test, well, lets explore more details about it. On August 6, the official Twitter account of EA Sports NHL announced that gamers can register for joining the upcoming NHL 22 closed technical test, and you can click the link below the tweet, a code will be sent to you in late August after filling in your basic information.


Not everyone is lucky enough to be a part of this test, because the number of testing members is limited, so I would suggest you sign up as soon as possible, and theres some restrictions and rules to follow before you take part in this event. Streaming or screenshoting the game and any relevant contents during the test is forbidden.


And you should keep in mind that NHL 22 is not perfect yet, there will be bugs and glitches in this closed test, thats why EA needs gamers help to improve the gameplay, and your feedback will be important for the developers before the actual launch.


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