2021-09-30 00:00:00Madden NFL 22 What Is The New Franchise Staff Feature

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Madden NFL 22 Franchise mode is one of the main features of this year's game. The mode was revamped with updates and additions. Franchise Staff is one of the new features. It gives players more options to take care of their franchise. The coaching roster now has two types and we also have a player personnel department. Madden NFL 22 Franchise Staff puts players in control of four characters.

Madden NFL 22 Franchise Staff Key Features

Madden NFL 22 Franchise Staff introduces a feature called staff points. These points are earned when completing activities such as matches, achieving gameday goals, and playing scenarios. Objectives and milestones give staff points as well. This will allow players to upgrade any coach when they have enough points. Upgrading refers to unlocking skills and abilities in the talent tree. One thing to remember is that staff points are exclusively acquired through in-game objectives. You cannot buy them with real money. Players can use a league setting to change the cost of talents. This changes the pace of the game. When players access the Madden NFL 22 Franchise Staff feature for the first time, they will see a default full staff. They can proceed to play with it or they can make changes.


You can let go of your coaches and coordinators and select someone else for the job. The candidate pool shows the available people. Players get staff points when they hire a new coach. You should take a good look at coaches before hiring because not all are the same. The number of staff points received for hiring a new coach is indirectly proportional to the number of talents a coach has.


Players will have to make decisions. They can get more staff points and coaches with fewer talents or fewer points and coaches with more talents. You can also wait until the off-season when the candidate pool has more options. During this time, you can acquire former head coaches to work as coordinators but only during the staff move week. This is the week after the Super Bowl. This is the moment when you can make some great acquisitions. Speaking of, Madden NFL 22 Franchise Staff comes with a better scouting feature. This gives managers the chance to find players with potential. This is a major feature. In September, a live service update will add some changes to this system. After the update, players will restart the Franchise mode.

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