2021-02-22 00:00:00NHL 21 IS NOW ON SALE FOR XBOX

Published by EA Sports back in October 2020, NHL 21 is now nearing its fourth month on the Microsoft and Xbox Live marketplaces, with the ice-hockey simulation game receiving positive reviews for the Xbox One console – in addition to the Xbox Series X being backwards-compatible. 

 Judging from the initial audience responses on the game’s improved Be A Pro mode – as well as the game’s upgraded gameplay features and sleek controls – the cut-price deal would now surely attract more interests by players on the fence before.

 For NHL 21, three editions that have been released thus far, across PlayStation and Xbox consoles:

 1. NHL 21 

 2. NHL 21: Deluxe Edition 

3. NHL 21: Great Eight Edition 

 What differentiates each of these versions are the extra Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) player packs and coins, as well as Be A Pro boosts that offer players the chance to quick-start their progress in the game.

 If you are a lucky Xbox One owner (or own an Xbox Series X), Microsoft is currently slashing the price of the base game (NHL 21) by a whopping 50%. 

 If you visit the store now, you can find it labelled as $29.99 respectively!

 You can even buy it as a gift for your friends, to suggest new games to lounge together via online. If you are more of a competitive-multiplayer kind of guy, then the potential challenges of HUT might just suit your savvy. 

 Similar to FIFA 21’s Ultimate Team, you recruit a dream team of world-class players to challenge others in seasonal tournaments, in-game. T

o get things going, the Deluxe Edition is surely the upgraded version that you need. Currently on a 55% discount, the higher-tier version of the game costs only $31.49 now, on the marketplace.

 Get yourself those sought-after HUT premium player packs, coins and unlocked Hockey Bags by opting for this interesting bargain. 

 The additional in-game rewards still not good enough for you?

 Well, consider the Great Eight Edition then, as you are offered 16 HUT premium player packs (10 in Deluxe) and more Hockey Bags for you to explore with. Starting at $35.99, the 55% reduced price from the original $79.99 is still an awesome bargain under anyone’s book.

 So, what are you waiting for? Sales end on 30th February 2021, so go visit the Microsoft or Xbox Live marketplace right now to enjoy these massive deals!

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