2021-05-19 00:00:00NHL 21 World Of Chel Season 5 Has Begun

NHL 21 World of Chel Season 5 is upon us. Players are invited to start competing in placement games. They can choose any World of Chel multiplayer mode to play these games. The point of the placement matches is to get new traits. As announced, NHL 21 has six seasons. A season lasts for six to eight weeks. In Season 5, players will work to boost their rank. Each season has Club Finals that take place in the last two or three weeks.


What To Do in NHL 21 World of Chel Season 5


Players will want to increase their rank as much as possible. The player rank is a reflection of your performance. There are separate ranks for Clubs, Drop-Ins, and Ones of Three Eliminator modes. Players will need to get to level 10 to take part in player rank. After that, they will play placement games based on which the initial rank is calculated. World of Chel Season 5 features six tiers. The first one is bronze. The bronze and silver tiers follow. Next, we have the gold tier. Diamond and elite are the last tiers. Each tier has three level ranks. In total, we have 18 ranks. As you can imagine, players' goal is to reach elite rank 1. The seasonal rank is the highest rank you earn during that season. Keep in mind that each World of Chel mode has an individual rank. Having a high rank in as many modes as you can increases your chances of getting better rewards. Players get rewarded at the end of the season based on their highest rank in any of the four WoC modes.


What You Need To Know About Club Finals


The Club Finals Championship takes place towards the end of the season. There is a new location for this event. It is an outdoor rink in Carter Lake. Each Club competes in their Online Season Division. There is a club for each division. The Elite Cup is the most prestigious cup. The tournaments feature three versus three and six versus six formats. Players get rank points when they play games against other clubs. Each format has rewards. These include club banners, logos, and more. If you need more practice, World of Chel offers three practice modes. We have club scrimmage, open practice, and free skate. Each mode can be customized in different ways so you can benefit from multiple training options.

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