2021-06-17 00:00:00NHL 21: Best Perks for Defensemen

The first perk that we are going to talk about is Stretch Passer, a specialty that makes a player better at performing stretch passes. These long passes allow you to clear the puck from the defensive zone to the neutral. It is a nice perk for defensemen to have especially when playing against an opponent with a strong offensive style.

The second perk on this list is Quick Defensive Stick. This is a tricky one as it increases the chances of your defensemen to win pole checks, while running the risk to cause tripping penalties in case of failure. However, if you manage to get the timing right, it is an excellent way to increase your chances to get the puck back in the defensive zone.

The third and last specialty in this list is Penalty Kill Specialist. This perk greatly increases some of your defensemen abilities while on penalty kill. These skills are Shot Blocking, Stick Checking, and Def. Awareness. Please note that this perk does not work if both teams have taken a penalty.

The next perk on this list is the Hockey Sense 1 trait. It increases a player's Off. Awareness and Def. Awareness by 4 points while decreasing his agility by 3. The tradeoff is worth it when you realize that your player becomes better at intercepting passes as well as performing passes and shots.

The last perk on this list is Interceptor 2. This perk increases the player's Def. Awareness by 4 points and his Agility by 2 points but also decreases his Wrist Shot Power and Puck Control respectively by 4 and 2 points. As the name implies, this perk improves the player’s ability to become better at intercepting passes while maintaining his agility.

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