2021-02-24 00:00:00NHL 21: Best ways to earn coins in HUT

The easier and most obvious way to get HUT Coins is via the marketplace. 

The marketplace allow players to buy and sell their cards according to their needs. A certain number of criteria ranging from their overall stats to their caliber determines the players’ value. 

The goal here is to buy a player at the lowest price possible and sell him at a higher price, making a benefit with the transaction. That means that you need to wait for the price of a particular player to drop in order to be able to make a benefit, it is not the fastest method but with enough patience, it has the advantage to be one of the most reliable and is usable from the start of the game. 

The second way to earn HUT coins is by completing HUT Challenges and Squad Battles. HUT Challenges are series of objectives that players have to complete in order to earn various rewards. Completing a challenge will unlock a new on and give you rewards such as HUT coins and even a new player. 

Squad Battles are offline games with pre-created teams put together to offer players a big challenge. They also come with their rewards such as HUT coins of course but also cards packs. The third method to earn coins in HUT is to complete objectives and milestones. 

NHL 21 has a series of daily and weekly objectives that players can complete in order to earn HUT coins. It is not much in terms of reward but these objectives have the advantage of allowing to train while being virtually infinite as they reset every day or every week. 

The milestones are unlocked when you complete a certain number of objectives. Overall, the fastest way to get HUT coins is buying them, it is not the cheapest way though, however, you can buy HUT coins at the best prices on Hockeyut to build your ultimate team.

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