2021-04-14 00:00:00NHL 21: Central And East Divisions HUT All Stars Winners

The All-Stars NHL 21 HUT event has ended and we have the winners. Let's take a look at the winners of the Central and East Divisions.


Central Division NHL 21 HUT Winners


Six players have been declared champions in the Central division. We have three forwards, two defensive players, and one goaltender. The three forward players are Jonathan Huberdeau, Patrick Kane, and Steven Stamkos. Huberdeau plays for the Florida Panthers. His card has the left wing position with 91 skating, 95 shooting, 97 hands, 85 defense, and 88 checking. Patrick Kane is with the Chicago Blackhawks. He is a right wing with 94 OVR and 94 skating, 98 shooting, 99 hands, 85 defense, and 89 checking. The third forward player is Steven Stamkos. He is part of the Tampa Bay Lightning team. His HUT 21 All-Stars card has 95 OVR and the attributes 95 skating, 98 shooting, 99 hands, 92 defense, and 92 checking. Now, let's take a look at the defense players, Victor Hedman and John Klingberg. Hedman is from the Tampa Bay Lightning. His card has the left defense position with 93 skating, 94 shooting, 93 hands, 94 defense, and 88 checking. Klingberg from the Dallas Stars comes with 90 OVR and 91 skating, 90 shooting, 93 hands, 83 defense, and 84 checking. His position is right defense. Andrei Vasilevskiy, the goaltender, is another Tampa Bay player. His OVR is 98 and the stats are 99 high, 96 low, 99 quickness, 99 position, and 93 rebound control.


East Division NHL 21 HUT Winners


Just like in the previous division, we have three forwards, two defensive, and one goaltender. We will start with the three forwards. Sidney Crosby from the Pittsburgh Penguins has 97 OVR with 96 skating, 99 shooting, 99 hands, 93 defense, and 96 checking. David Pastrnak is a player from the Boston Bruins. This right wing has 96 OVR with 95 skating, 98 shooting, 99 hands, 87 defense, and 90 checking. Alex Ovechkin is a left wing with 96 OVR and 93 skating, 99 shooting, 98 hands, 96 defense, and 97 checking. He plays for the Washington Capitals. The two defensive players are John Carlson and Ty Smith. Carlson comes with 95 OVR and 93 skating, 95 shooting, 96 hands, 93 defense, and 90 checking. Ty Smith has 90 skating, 93 shooting, 91 hands, 87 defense, and 89 checking. The OVR is 90. Tuukka Rask from the Boston Bruins is the goaltender. His attributes are 93 high, 91 low, 94 quickness, 92 position, and 90 rebound control.

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