2021-04-29 00:00:00NHL 21: Have You Completed The Champions Club Collection

NHL 21 Champions Club is a HUT 21 event that gives players the chance to add 12 items to their collection. The event includes sets and packs. Players will start by acquiring packs that allow them to get the items that are needed to complete sets. They will use player cards, collectibles, and gold for the sets. The 12 player items are found in packs, but you can also obtain them as a reward for completing sets.


HUT 21 Champions Club Players


The 12-player NHL 21 Champions Club collection has items ranging from 88 OVR to 95 OVR. Jiri Slegr is an 88 OVR player with the two way forward type. The stats are 84 skating, 87 shooting, 87 hands, 90 defense, and 84 checking. Two players with 89 OVR are part of this set. Fredrik Modin has 85 skating, 89 shooting, 89 hands, 89 defense, and 89 checking. His position is left wing. The other 89 OVR item belongs to Adrian Kempe. The Swedish center has 89 skating, 90 shooting, 90 hands, 90 defense, and 85 checking.

Alex Nedeljkovic is one of the two players with 90 OVR. His attributes are 89 high, 90 low, 92 quickness, 89 position, and 87 rebound control. He plays as a goalie. Mikael Granlund comes with 91 skating, 92 shooting, 93 hands, 86 defense, and 88 checking. His position is center.

Bowen Byram is a 92 OVR Champions Club item. The stats on the card are 91 skating, 92 shooting, 92 hands, 91 defense, and 92 checking. The following players have 95 OVR. Henrik Zetterberg has 95 skating, 98 shooting, 99 hands, 86 defense, and 95 checking. He is a center player. Jacob Trouba is from the USA and he plays as a right defense. The attributes are 94 skating, 94 shooting, 93 hands, 96 defense, and 89 checking.

Jesse Puljujarvi is a right wing with 96 skating, 97 shooting, 96 hands, 92 defense, and 90 checking. Corey Perry from Canada has a card with 93 skating, 97 shooting, 97 hands, 96 defense, and 88 checking. Ilya Kovalchuk fill a left wing slot. The stats are 93 skating, 99 shooting, 99 hands, 94 defense, and 88 checking. He is from Russia. Noah Dobson completes the Champions Club collection. His nationality is Canadian and his stats are 94 skating, 95 shooting, 93 hands, 97 defense, and 92 checking. You can obtain more player items and packs from rank rewards.

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