2021-12-09 00:00:00NHL 22 Are You Ready For The 16 Bit Heroes Event

Buy NHL 22 coinsfrom HockeyUT and be ready to crush the new in-game event! NHL 22 16-Bit Heroes has started. It's a HUT 22 program that takes place over two weeks. It seems that players were satisfied with the previous event, 22 Under 22. The developers kept the structure so 16-Bit Heroes has similar rules. Of course, the content is new. If you're missing NHL 22 coins, all you need is a quick visit to HockeyUT and we'll take care of everything.


What You Need to Know About NHL 22 16-Bit Heroes


NHL 22 16-Bit Heroes features Master Set Players. If you've taken part in 22 Under 22 you are familiar with this concept. These players have a starting 86 as their base OVR. Throughout the event, you can upgrade them to 92 OVR. To upgrade the items, you will require collectibles. The collectibles are obtained by completing event activities. For example, you will acquire collectibles when you take part in HUT Rush, complete event-specific objectives, and finish sets. The NHL 22 16-Bit Heroes event has seven Master Set players. Four of them are acquired in the first week. The rest will follow in the second week of the program. The event objectives allow players to earn a maximum of nine collectibles. These six objectives award one collectible each. You will need to obtain 40 wins in Rush matches. The next objectives are completed in SB, HC, or Rivals modes. You need 500 hits, 250 goals, 650 shots, 25 won games, and 45 played matches. If you manage to complete all six objectives, you will get a bonus consisting of three collectibles and one Sweet 16 pack. You cannot trade this pack. More collectibles are obtained when you complete sets. For example, you get one collectible for trading any 15 gold player items. Other sets require a various number of players. The higher the OVR of the traded items, the more collectibles you obtain. The event collectibles are used as requirements for sets. You will need seven collectibles to complete a set. We have a set for each one of the players featured in the NHL 22 16-Bit Heroes campaign. The reward is the 86 OVR Power-Up Master Item of that player. The item cannot be traded. We also have a five-collectible set that rewards a random choice from two of the above-mentioned players. Don't forget to check the store for NHL 22 16-Bit Heroes packs.

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