2021-11-12 00:00:00NHL 22 Matt Duchene Glorious EVO Card

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With the latest inclusion of ‘Fantasy Hockey Evolution’ Player Cards into the game, Nashville Predator’s dedicated Centre, Matt Duchene, will be receiving his very own boosted player card which continues to evolve as he scores in real matches!




HUT 22 is now welcoming its latest in-game promo event dubbed the Fantasy Hockey Evolution!


This comes together with rounds of incredible player cards that update many of the talented NHL player cards that are currently available within the game.


Amongst those are three (3) special ‘Fantasy Hockey Evo Master’ Player Cards that evolve in real-time depending on their actual performances during matches.


One such player to receive the recognition is Nashville Predators’ famous Centre, Matt Duchene!


The quick Canadian now acquires great attribute such as:


(C) Matt Duchene’s ‘Fantast Hockey Evo Master’ Player Card: OVR 86 (recently boosted from OVR 85!)


· Skating: 90

· Shooting: 87

· Hands: 86

· Checking: 84

· Defence: 83


Duchene’s is a demon to catch on the ice ring, and he is almost unstoppable when he is in red-hot form!


For the uninitiated, these rare ‘Fantasy Hockey Evo’ Player Cards will acquire an OVR upgrade if they manage to fulfil certain criteria:


· Forward

o Receive +1 OVR if they manage to score in an NHL match


· Defencemen

o Receive +2 OV if they manage to score in an NHL match


· Goalie

o Receive +1 OVR if the team wins an NHL match, plus another +1 OVR if they pull through a shutout


Duchene’s impressive new player card will now be available for trade within the game, for the right price.


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