2021-11-18 00:00:00NHL 22 Neal Pionks Unbelievable EVO Upgrade

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Winnipeg Jets’ fans will be delighted to know that their great defenceman, Neal Pionk, has just received a massively upgraded ‘Fantasy Hockey EVO Master’ Player Card which boosts his OVR rating by a lot!




NHL 22 is surely heating things up with the latest Fantasy Hockey EVO promo now releasing major upgrades to many of the player cards that are available within the game.


Amongst those include six (6) ‘Fantasy Hockey EVO Master’ Player Cards that will award a select few hockey players to receive real-time card improvements if they manage to hit certain criteria during actual matches.


One of those special cards falls down to Winnipeg Jet’s 26-year old defenceman, Neal Pionk!


After his recent goal against St. Louis Blues, Pionk has now received a new OVR update fitting of his professional status:


(RD) Neal Pionk’s ‘Fantasy Hockey EVO Master’ Player Card: OVR 87 (recently updated from OVR 85!)


· Skating: 88

· Hands: 87

· Shooting: 86

· Defence: 81

· Checking: 80


Pionk is undoubtedly an offensive-minded defenceman, mostly favouring the right side of the ice ring while also dashing through others in order to capitulate on chances when he sees them.


If you are unaware, ‘Fantast Hockey EVO Master’ Player Cards will receive prompt OVR raises if the chosen players are able to meet certain requirements during actual matches in the NHL:


· Forward

o Receive +1 OVR if they manage to score in an NHL match


· Defencemen

o Receive +2 OV if they manage to score in an NHL match


· Goalie

o Receive +1 OVR if the team wins an NHL match, plus another +1 OVR if they pull through a shutout


With Pionk’s latest player card now ranking amongst the best in the game, it’s about time that you start taking notice of the magical American ice-hockey player in the game.


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