2021-12-23 00:00:00NHL 22 Rantanens Team of the Week Inclusion

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Colorado Avalanche has just received some wonderful news in NHL 22; one of the team’s prime stars has just been inducted into the recent ‘Team of the Week’ line-up, updating his profound stats even further – Mikko Rantanen!


Mikko Rantanen may not have had the spotlight lit on him for too much in the NHL, but this time around, his name has just been include in the latest ‘Team of the Week’ (TOTW) line-up!


Mostly playing on the right-hand side of the ring, Rantanen is known for his feints and deking abilities, and his puck control is just exceptional too.


With the newest TOTW Player Card though, Rantanen has just been upgraded to a whole new level:


(RW) Mikko Rantanen’s ‘Team of the Week’ Player Card: OVR 88


· Offensive Awareness (Hands): 92

· Puck Control (Hands): 92

· Wrist Shot Accuracy (Shooting): 91

· Deking (Hands): 91

· Passing (Hands): 91


Meanwhile, Rantanen’s impressive X-Factor is shown as below:


· One Tee (5 Ability Points)

o Advanced power and accuracy on one-timers.

o Increased ability to produce one-timers from less-than-ideal passes.


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