2022-07-19 16:40:00NHL 22: Summer of Chel

Hockeyut is the best platform to buy HUT coins with safe transaction, fast delivery, and best customer service. At the moment, only one card has been revealed, which we will discuss below. However, even more cards will appear in Hockey Ultimate Team. Let's get you up to speed. Announced on July 8, the NHL 22 HUT Summer of Chela promotion is coming. The official disclosure will take place at 5 p.m. ET on July 8, 2022, that's when all the cards will be available in NHL 22.


With the Pittsburgh Pirates' Jake Gentzel rated 99 OVR as the first map, we should be seeing more cards for NHL 22 HUT in a while. Master Items were revealed in NHL 22 in June, let's reveal those items too. The Master Items in NHL 22 HUT includes a plethora of cards, including Zdeno Chara with a 98 OVR.


With these packs firstly introduced, we know that they would cost a lot of coins - 85k coins or 1,700 points per pack. Each pack includes 15 NHL 22 HUT items, so we hope you manage to get your hands on one of the best cards. Here is how the probability of a pack falling out is calculated:



MSP Booster Pack


From this pack, you are guaranteed to get a 86 OVR Master item, the price for the pack is 85K Coins or 1,700 Points.


Stanley Cup Starter Pack 


From this pack, you are guaranteed to get a 80 OVR player, the price for the pack is 75K Coins or 1,500 Points.


Stanley Cup Hockey Legacy Pack 


You will have 100% chance to get a player with 80 OVR from this pack, and it would cost you 45K Coins or 900 Points.

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