2021-12-16 00:00:00NHL 22 What You Need To Know When You Are Transferring To A NewGen Console

Buy NHL 22 coins from HockeyUT no matter on which console you play! NHL 22 players who begin their HUT 22 adventure on a PlayStation4 or XboxOne can transfer their progress when they switch to a new console. It's crucial to note that you must not start a HUT Team on the next-gen console before doing the transfer. You can only transfer between consoles in the same family. HockeyUT is ready to deliver cheap NHL 22 coins to help you continue this season's journey.


What You Need to Know About the NHL 22 Content Migration


First of all, you should know what will transfer. The 20 players and coaches from the active lineup will migrate to the new console. The player stats won't. The active arena, all the collectibles in your collection, packs that you have not opened yet, Ultimate Team Champions reward points, jerseys, and logo will transfer. Unfortunately, NHL 22 coins will not. All the coins and items that don't transfer are evaluated. The value is the same as the value when players exchange items with sets. On the new generation account, you will receive packs that have the same value as the items that stayed on the old account. The received packs can be traded. There are a couple of things that you can do before initiating the transfer. You can change your active lineup by placing your favorite 20 item cards in it. You can use the NHL 22 coin you have to buy collectibles. As we've said, the collectible collection will transfer. All unopened packs transfer as well, so you can invest the coins in packs. Once the transfer starts, you cannot go back anymore. Double or even triple check that the item cards in your active lineup are the ones you want when you will start playing on the new console. When you are done with the preparations on the old account, you can start your team on the next-gen console. Open NHL 22 and go to the Main Menu. Choose the Hockey Ultimate Team option. On the home screen, you will see an option that says Upgrade From Last Gen. Access it, read the information, and proceed with the transfer. After you confirm, you can go to the Ultimate Team. Here, you will see all the items that were transferred and the compensation for the NHL 22 coins on the old account and the items that remained there.

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