2021-11-25 00:00:00NHL 22 Is Hosting The 22 Under 22 Event

Check out the NHL 22 coins price on HockeyUT! Some amazing offers are waiting for you! The 22 Under 22 event has arrived in NHL 22. This is the newest Ultimate Team event. It features player cards, sets, and objectives. HockeyUT has NHL 22 coins for sale at the best prices. Make sure to visit the store before you start event activities.


22 Under 22 Sets, Objectives, and NHL 22 Player Items


Trevor Zegras is one of the biggest surprises of the 22 Under 22 event. The event marks the player's debut in HUT 22. Zegras was drafted into the NHL in 2019 by the Anaheim Ducks. His playing career began in 2021. He is one of the NHL rookies and all eyes are on him. However, he is not the only young player at the start of his career. We have more starting players and they are part of the event as well. The 22 Under 22 event will last for two weeks. Throughout the event, participants get the chance to acquire 22 Master Set Players. These cards can be upgraded. The base version of the card has 86 OVR. The upgrade can transform the card into a 92 OVR. The cards can be upgraded using NHL 22 coins. If you don't want to spend coins, the alternative is to use collectibles. These are special tokens that are obtained during the event. Players need to complete activities in NHL 22 modes to acquire these tokens. They come as rewards when you complete challenges, objectives, and other tasks. There are six objectives that reward one token each. Players need to complete 50 rush matches. The other five can be completed while playing Rivals, SB, or HC. The objectives require taking part in 40 matches, winning 20, doing 600 shots, scoring 200 goals, and making 400 hits. If you manage to complete all these objectives, you get three tokens and a Young Stars pack that cannot be traded. The event also has sets. Players can complete four sets that earn them an 86 OVR Master or Power-Up player card from the event. The sets are completed using five or seven event tokens. You can buy Young Stars packs for two event collectibles. More collectibles can be acquired in exchange for gold, 80+ OVR, 83+ OVR, and 86 OVR player items. The 22 Under 22 item collection has many useful items so make sure to complete the activities and get the rewards.

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