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EA Sports continues to promote the new NHL 22 game because the new trailer for the title will be dropped a week after the official announcement. In the new trailer focused on gameplay, EA's NHL development team emphasized that players can look forward to some new additions in 2021, including the addition of superstar X factors and augmented reality graphics that can be seen through game live broadcasts.


Superstar X-Factors will become a new feature of NHL 22. Just like in the Madden franchise, Superstar X-Factors will try to improve the level of NHL superstars and make these stars better than others. There will be two different X-Factor abilities: primary regional abilities and secondary superstar abilities. In addition, these abilities will be divided into six different categories: shooting, skating, passing, hockey IQ, defense and goalkeeper. Other features that have been added to the NHL 22 system, including the engine in Frostbite. According to EA, Frostbite should enhance the appearance on the ice, including the similarity between the player and the ice. Most importantly, EA touts that NHL 22 will include more realistic full-court club movements, more accurate club penalties for body violations, and new skill moves.


EA Sports is currently undergoing beta testing before FIFA 22 is released in October, and publishers and developers are adding a title to the category. The NHL 22 beta code is now live as EA Vancouver is preparing for the franchise's first foray into the next generation.


Gamepur can confirm that the NHL 22 code is now being distributed to individuals registered for testing. The test is set by EA to stress test the server before the NHL release in mid-October. Registration for the beta version started in early August, and the target release date is set for later this month. This beta version, which EA calls a closed technical test, will not have all the features of NHL 22. The only game mode in the NHL 22 closed beta is the CHEL world. Given that this is the only mode that NHL developer EA Vancouver has shown so far, it shouldn't be too shocking. Individuals selected to participate in the closed beta will be able to participate in Pro-Am, Ones Eliminator, Threes Eliminator, EASHL Drop Ins (3v3 and 6v6) and EASHL Clubs (3v3 and 6v6).


Those selected to participate in the test can provide feedback on gameplay through the EA closed technology test forum. In addition, please remember that it is not allowed to share any videos or images via social media. Individuals who do this may face penalties and/or injunctions from EA.

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