2021-10-21 00:00:00NHL 22 Superstar Origins Has Begun

Head over to HockeyUT and see the fantastic NHL 22 coins prices and deals we have prepared for you! NHL 22 has arrived. Superstar Origin is the first HUT 22 event. The event has objectives, sets, and rewards. If you need NHL 22 coins for the activities just visit HockeyUT and buy NHL 22 coins at the best prices!


How to Complete NHL 22 Superstar Origin Objectives and Sets

NHL 22 developers took note of the players' feedback regarding objectives. They promise that most HUT 22 events will have objectives. Completing objectives during events will grant rewards. For the Superstar Origins event, objectives give event collectibles. If players manage to acquire all collectibles, they get a power-up collectible as a reward. Players will earn collectibles when they complete objectives in SB, Rival, and HUT Champs modes. The objectives include tasks such as scoring goals, doing shots, making hits, and winning games. The event includes objectives based on six master set players. Don't forget to visit the store during the event. You will find a pack that contains a 10-day loan choice for Jaromir Jagr or Auston Matthews. Both cards have 91 OVR. The card you choose will be yours throughout the Superstar Origins event. The rewards from objectives are needed for the sets. Each of the six master players has four sets. Each set rewards a different OVR version of the player. The reward that you get for completing the first set becomes a requirement for the second set. The reward from the second set is a requirement for the third set and so on. Other set requirements include gold players, gold jerseys, event collectibles, and player items of various OVRs. The Superstar Origins event lasts for two weeks but players get the chance to complete them in future events. It will be more expensive to complete then but at least you can finish the collection. Let's see some of the player items that you can obtain during the event. Suzuki has 82 OVR with 85 skating, 83 shooting, 86 hands, 74 defense, and 78 checking. Auston Matthews has an item with 91 OVR and 90 skating, 95 shooting, 94 hands, 82 defense, and 87 checking. Jaromir Jagr comes with 89 skating, 95 shooting, 93 hands, 92 defense, and 84 checking. Seth Jones has 87 skating, 85 shooting, 85 hands, 83 defense, and 80 checking. Victor Hedman's attributes are 86 skating, 83 shooting, 84 hands, 84 defense, and 80 checking. Zach Werenski's stats have 85 skating, 82 shooting, 82 hands, 82 defense, and 78 checking.

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