2021-08-27 00:00:00New features in NHL 22 beta

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Closed technical test will be conducted in late August, It was announced that NHL 22 will undergo a closed technology test (closed beta version) in late August. The closed technology test is applicable to all platforms, which is good news for those who think that NHL 22 may be the next generation of exclusive games. Although we don't know how much room and how many participants will participate in the closed technology test, it is a good thing to sign up as soon as possible. Players will have the opportunity to preview NHL 22 in the closed technical test. As we said before, the quota is limited and registration does not guarantee you a place in the beta. However, there is no harm in trying.


For players with next-generation consoles, the beta version may be an opportunity to learn about them first. We already know this is something NHL 22 is planning to focus on so we should at least get a small sample. These features can appear in several different ways, and may even be unique game modes for next-generation consoles. We least want players to feel left out. Most players still use current generation consoles, such as Xbox One or PS4. NHL 22 should still find ways to make these players excited. The closed technology test should show the new features that are also available on the current generation. These may be simple updates or features, not exclusive to next-generation game consoles.


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