2021-09-30 00:00:00What Are Steam Players Saying About Madden NFL 22

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Steam Players' Opinions on Madden NFL 22



The Steam reviews aren't the best. The game currently sits on Mostly Negative reviews from hundreds of players' opinions. Let's see what are the biggest complaints from players. If you don't have enough Madden coins to enjoy the game, remember that this can be easily solved with a trip to MUTeamgo. We've looked at reviews from players that have at least 20 hours into the game. The similarity to Madden NFL 21 is what bothers a big part of the players. They believe that Madden NFL 22 is just a roster update and nothing more.


 It looks like the people behind the game are paying more attention to the console version because there is a larger console player base than on PC. Veteran Madden NFL players are complaining that the PC version is not working correctly. It seems that players on the field are having various issues such as disappearing from the field, defenders that block passes that are too far, and such. One player that was on a break from Madden NFL games for a few years is disappointed with the state of Madden NFL 22. Even the Franchise Mode isn't getting good reviews. Franchise Mode was one of the most improved modes for this year's iteration. It seems that this wasn't enough to satisfy the players. It seems that the lack of polish is another issue. Players are reporting that in some cases the subtitles don't match the dialogue.


Typos have been spotted as well. The story cut-scenes have lag. The podcasts are not matching the situations. Overall, players are not happy that the PC version doesn't benefit from all the updates. Let's see some positive reviews as well. The players are happy with the graphics and they are saying that the animations look better. Some are also saying that Madden NFL 22 is stable while others report crashes. This can depend on the players' machines as well. The Madden NFL 22 console experience seems to be much better.

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