2021-10-28 00:00:00Which New NHL 22 HUT Features Are You Enjoying The Most

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What's New in NHL 22 Ultimate Team

NHL 22 adds the X-Factor system and brings improvements to ability points, HUT champs, squad battles, synergies, live events, sets, and trade pile. Starting with this year's game, players can earn X-Factor items. These new items have a lower OVR than the base item. You can expect them to be about 10 OVR lower. The trick with these items is that they can upgrade. They can have an OVR that is equal or even higher than that of the highest OVR card of the player. Let's take Auston Matthews for instance. His base card is a gold item with 87 OVR. This makes his X-Factor a 77 OVR card. After the start of the NHL season, Matthews will get a higher OVR thanks to the live content drop system. The X-Factor card will achieve new tiers. Players will be able to upgrade those tiers using NHL 22 coins and collectible items. X-Factors are cards that you can use throughout the season. These cards will always be updated based on the players' performances. Players will use the cards in their teams. X-Factors also have synergies that can be customized. When the card reaches a specific tier, synergies become available. This system opens up flexible strategies based on the synergies of the team. In case players decide to no longer use an X-Factor card, they can get half of the NHL 22 coins and collectible items they've spent on the upgrade back. Players can trade X-Factors only if they are at tier 1. If the item has a higher tier, the trading is prohibited to avoid confusion on the auction house. The Icon upgrade item system has the same rules. Players will be able to upgrade select Icons every month. X-Factors have ability point limits that range from 1 to 10 points. It's possible that players have to deactivate zone or abilities to maintain themselves under the limit. This mechanic keeps things balanced. Throughout the year, the ability points limit may increase. The reward system for HUT Champions will be more generous towards players that have more wins.

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