04-22NHL 21: April news TOP

EA Sports has been having all hands on deck in order to support and create more content for its different sports franchises. NHL is no exception as the latest iteration of the series, NHL 21 frequently receives new content and improvements. EA has been working on making the franchise more appealing to newcomers and veterans alike as the game is nearing the end of its lifecycle. In this article, we will cover the latest developments around the game.

NHL 21 news NHL latest update
04-14NHL 21: Central And East Divisions HUT All Stars Winners

These are the NHL 21 HUT player item cards that have been declared winners in the All-Stars Central and East Divisions.

NHL 21 news NHL latest update
04-01NHL 21: Latest news in March

In this article, we will break down the latest news about EA Sports’ NHL 21. Among other things we will cover the reveal of the HUT all-stars winners as well as other news about the game

NHL 21 NHL 21 news NHL latest update
03-24NHL 21: NHL 21 HUT All-Stars

Just a few days ago, Electronic Arts has revealed the start of the votes for this year’s NHL HUT All-Stars. For a few days, fans will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite players and see them become part of NHL 21 HUT All-Stars.

NHL 21 news NHL latest update
03-17NHL 21 best 5 players to have in your team

Don’t underestimate these NHL players, they may be the best you will get in all time.

HUT Coins NHL 21 news
03-11NHL 21: EA Play’s April Surprise

NHL 21 is coming to EA Play for the upcoming month of April 2021. Interested players will have the chance to try the game out before finally deciding on which game edition will they be interested in buying.

NHL 21 news NHL latest update
03-04NHL 21: Latest news

NHL 21 has been the most critically acclaimed EA Sports game last year. It was successful thanks to the gameplays changes as well as the new additions. Compared to games like FIFA 21 and Madden NFL 21 from the same editor, NHL 21 has received fewer update and patches due to the game being actually finished before launch. EA has made some announcements about the game during the last few days, let’s see what they are about.

NHL 21 news NHL latest update
02-24NHL 21: Best ways to earn coins in HUT

During the last few years, the Ultimate Team mode has become unavoidable in EA Sports games. This year is no exception as FIFA 21, Madden NFL 21 and NHL 21 all have their version of the mode. One of the appeal of Ultimate Team is the possibility to build the team of your dreams by bringing together some of the best players available. In HUT there are many ways to earn coins, in this article we will cover you some of the simpler methods.

HUT Coins NHL 21 news

Microsoft is offering discounted sale prices for NHL 21, for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S versions.

NHL 21 HUT Coins NHL 21 news
02-08NHL 21: Best skater loadout builds in the World of Chel

Being good at the World of Chel is mostly about finding the best loadout for your player. In that game mode, you need to create a virtual pro player and assume a position in your team. We have already covered the goalie builds in a previous article and this time around, we will present the best builds for the skater position.

NHL 21 HUT Coins NHL 21 news