08-13NHL 21 The Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft Has Arrived TOP

Morgan Geekie, Nathan Bastian, Jeremy Lauzon, Yanni Gourde, and Colin Blackwell are part of the NHL 21 Seattle Kraken expansion draft.

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08-06When will NHL 22 be revealed

There’s still no related information about NHL 22, so what can we expect?

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07-30NHL 22 will return to PS4

NHL 22 is preparing to bring the long-existing hockey game into a new era of the next generation in 2021, but the game needs to be upgraded on PS4.

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07-16NHL 22: not planning in game advertising in our video games

EA Sports denies reports of a possible attempt to include TV-style ads during games. They explain their position.

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07-08NHL 21 The best draft choices in franchise mode

NHL 21’s Franchise mode is one of the best aspects of the game. It serves as a career mode where the player needs to manage a team that will be at the top of the League. Building a great team implies recruiting great players that will help you win against the best teams available. Buying new players can be taxing to your budget and is clearly not a viable solution in a long term strategy. That bring us to the importance of drafting in the game as it allows you to recruit young players that will be part of your team’s future. In this article, we are going to cover the best players you can draft in the game for your team.

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07-02NHL 21: The best HUT cards

NHL 21 was the only EA Sports game that received mostly positive reviews this year. Fans were happy with the game’s direction and the overall gameplay that was an improvement compared to older entries in the franchise. Like every EA Sports games, NHL 21 features a Hockey Ultimate Team or HUT mode. While not as famous as FUT, this mode has its fans who are making every possible efforts to build the best team they can. In today’s article, we will reveal the best cards in the game by position, considering their overall rating.

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06-23NHL 21: Who Won The HUT Awards

HUT Awards is an NHL 21 collection that celebrates famous players such as Auston Matthews, Rob Brind'Amour, Aleksander Barkov, and Patrice Bergeron.

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06-17NHL 21: Best Perks for Defensemen

NHL 21 can be a difficult game for new comers, especially when playing online. Beyond raw skills, players often need to understand the game’s systems in order to improve the way they play. One of the best way to perform better at the game is to use perks that come in the form of traits and specialties. Used in a good way, perks will allow you to improve your players’ stats by nullifying their weaknesses or decreasing them. In today’s article, we are going to focus on the most useful perks for defensemen.

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06-09NHL 21: Stanley Cup Playoff Items Look Amazing

NHL 21 Stanley Cup Playoffs event features a collection of 18 players, including seven 90+ OVR items and eight Master cards.

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06-02NHL 21: What Do You Think Of This Year's Be A Pro Mode?

NHL 21 Be A Pro is a story-driven decision-based mode that follows a player's ascension from Draft Day to NHL Awards.

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